Fire and Smoke Actuators


Fire and Smoke Actuators

With Belimo’s life safety actuators, specifically their fire and smoke actuators, people can safely evacuate the building in a fire emergency, letting firefighters do their job more efficiently. These actuators are ISO 9001 certified quality control and have a 5-year warranty to guarantee continuous operation with a support team that always has your back!

In extreme conditions, you want to know that you have the very best in HVAC, and that is where the Belimo fire and smoke actuators come in. Belimo’s microcontrollers allow these actuators to run cooler, giving them a longer service life! With proven reliability, these actuators provide optimal functionality with a central control system. Whether you’re setting up a new system or integrating this with your current system, these actuators will help provide a relatively smoke-free environment for patrons of the building. View the chart below for a visual on how these actuators work:

Fire and Smoke Actuator functional graphic

For operation in an environment involving fire and smoke, the dampers are installed within ventilation and air conditioning systems with a torque range of 18 in-lbs to 180 in-lbs at 350°F. Built from the highest quality materials, these actuators meet all codes for commercial buildings.

Other notable specifications:

  • Steel spring assembly
  • Auxiliary switches
  • Linkage kit
  • Steel-toothed, cold-weld clamp
  • UL certified
  • Gear boxes
  • Modulating models
  • Long service life
  • Testing
  • Maintenance free

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Let’s continue to create safe building environments for people all over, knowing that they’re safe in an emergency. These fire and smoker damper actuators are a true life saver. Call us today to discuss fitting your next project with these great products at 1-888-423-2525.

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