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Belimo Online Training

HVAC installers know that continuing education is essential for advancing their careers and keeping pace with new technology. But finding the time and resources for training can be difficult. The good news is that Belimo offers extensive — and free — online courses through Belimo University and monthly webinars

Online HVAC Training

Belimo University

Belimo University is an easy and convenient way to learn new skills and refine old ones. To access the courses, simply visit the website and create an account. Then, you can access a wide range of videos featuring their products and more, including: 

  • Actuators 
  • Performance Devices 
  • Retrofit 
  • Sensors 
  • Valves

Courses range from brief explainers like “Belimo ZG-JSL Linkage” to in-depth reviews like the hour-long “Introduction to Pressure Dependent Control Valves”. Other course highlights include: 

  • Introduction to Damper Actuator Sizing 
  • Common Control Methods for Fire Smoke Dampers
  • The Belimo Energy Valve™  Optimization Simplified 
  • Belimo Smoke and Fire Retrofit
  • Introduction to Valve Sizing for Water Systems 
  • And dozens more! 

Unsure where to start? Belimo offers preset LearningPaths for topics like sensors and retrofits. These LearningPaths organize videos into a curriculum you can complete at your own pace. 

Interactive Webinars 

Belimo also hosts monthly webinars that dive deeper into current topics in the HVAC industry. Want to chat with the experts? The webinars also feature live Q-and-A’s so you can interact directly with the Belimo team. Once finished, the webinars are posted online for anyone to access at a later date. Some recent webinars included: 

  • HVAC Solutions that Make a Difference
  • Beilmo’s NEW Room Sensors: The Foundation of Comfort and Healthy Indoor Air
  • A New Era of Integrated Thermal Energy Management 
  • And more! 

Belimo University is an excellent resource for HVAC technicians no matter what their experience level. Their commitment to providing easy-to-access, in-depth online training materials is one of many reasons we at Boston Aircontrols recommend their products for HVAC systems. Browse our shop to find the best Belimo parts and accessories for your next job. For more information about Belimo’s online and offline training options, click here.

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