ZIP Economizerâ„¢,Differential Enthalpy with DCV Capability and TF Spring Return Actuator (22 in-lbs)
Weight 5.8 lbs

Degree of Protection
Product family
Degree of protection IEC/EN
Set components
This kit offers all the components to retrofit an economizer on a direct expansion RTUs up to 7.5 tons while utilizing single enthalpy changeover strategy. In this, the ZIP Economizer will calculate the Outdoor Air Enthalpy and Return Air Enthalpy compare the values to each other- as well as analyze the Outdoor Air Temperature & Humidity Values to the referenced temperature and humidity high limits. One outside temperature & humidity sensor will be place in the outside damper, one temperature & humidity sensor will be placed in the return, and one temperature sensor the other in the supply duct. That high limit changeover temperature and enthalpy value is adjustable. When the included energy module is used (ECON-ZIP-EM), the following options become available: demand control ventilation, pre-occupancy purge, power exhaust, remote damper position override, fan speed switch.
Product Features
Auto-detection of inputted devices and non-proprietary sensors, allows for a quicker, and easier set up. Through its superior fault detection and diagnostics, it troubleshoots faults, initiates alarms, and reconfigures for best operation.

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