Belimo Zip Economizers


Belimo Zip Economizers

Did you know that studies have shown, 70% of economizers are not functioning correctly? Often, these systems are left in default mode or aren’t set up correctly, resulting in building owners with higher expenses and problems meeting energy standards and IAQ requirements. The Belimo airside economizing system will not only provide proper indoor air, but it will lower operating costs by maintaining the correct ratio of outside air and return air!

Saving energy is the name of the game, making Belimo zip economizers the perfect solution! Are you setting up or troubleshooting issues with a current Economizer system or a roof-top-unit (RTU)? With the zip economizer from Belimo, the most technologically advanced Airside Economizer solution, you’ll have more control and say over the quality of air and consumption! This is one of the smartest ways for a building to save energy because the system will use outdoor air as a cooling medium when the weather is suitable. It even has built-in climate zones and energy code data by entering your ZIP code. This economizer is compliant with all energy codes and standards, plus it comes with a five-year warranty.

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Belimo Zip Economizer

Zip Economizer

Belimo Zip Packs for Retrofitting

Zip Packs (Retrofitting)

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Belimo Accessories

Implement this energy-saving tool into your existing cooling system or install the Zip Economizer for quick and long-term savings. Explore the benefits of using Belimo’s zip economizer and why this solution may be right for you! Shop the lowest Belimo prices now at Boston Aircontrols, an official Belimo Platinum Distributor.

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