Why We Carry The Award-Winning Belimo Room Sensors


Room Sensors

Boston Aircontrols is proud to carry Belimo Room Sensors — the 2022 Red Dot Award winner for Heating and Air Conditioning. Established in 1955, the Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious prizes for product design. In their jury statement, the Red Dot Institute recognized the Room Sensors for their “minimalist design principle” and declared them to be a “technically mature product solution.” As a Platinum Distributor of Belmino components, we couldn’t agree more. 

Belimo’s latest Room Sensors combine a sleek, modern appearance with sophisticated and rigorously-tested air quality monitoring technology. These devices will help ensure the environment of your building is both healthy and comfortable, while complimenting its aesthetic design. 

Thoughtful Design with E-Paper Display 

Because Room Sensors are often mounted in areas where they will be visible, Belimo devoted extra energy to creating a timeless and appealing look for the devices. They made them as slim as possible with beveled edges and a full glass cover. 

The front panel features a fully customizable E-Paper touch display, which makes the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels easy to spot at a glance. Because it is high-contrast, the display is also readable in bright and low light, and a dark mode is available at the touch of a button. If you do not want this information to be visible, Belimo also makes models without a display that can be controlled within their app. 

Advanced Monitoring Technology

In addition to their award-winning design, Belimo Room Sensors also feature cutting edge technologies for quick installation; precise monitoring and control; and optimized energy efficiency, including: 

  • Simplified, two-stage installation 
  • Traffic Light display for CO2 monitoring, with green, yellow, or red LED lights indicating CO2 level 
  • On-the-fly adjustment of settings on the display or through the app 
  • Tested to perform at high altitudes and designed to reduce heat interference with sensor readings 
  • Seamless communication with other HVAC components to precisely manage air quality 

If you are looking to upgrade your building’s air quality monitoring with these award-winning devices, contact Boston Aircontrols today

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