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Belimo App preview

When installing new HVAC systems, you need all the time you can get. Every minute you save helps you complete your project faster and gives your team more opportunity to refine the system overall. If you use Belimo products, then you need to download the Belimo Assistant App for your next job. This app is designed to seamlessly communicate with your system through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. All you need to do is tap your phone to your Belimo device, and the app will display all the tools you need to quickly program and install it.

Near Field Communication is available on Belimo products like VAVs, dampers and valve actuators — just look for the “NFC” symbol on the device. If you have an NFC-ready Android phone, you simply need to tap your phone on that symbol. iPhone users need a Bluetooth-to-NFC dongle or a Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter. 

Once you tap your phone, the app will load all of the critical information you need in a readable display. This includes device information, settings, diagnostics and more. You can adjust parameters and tweak configurations right from the app. Even better, you can do this without power to the actuator. 

Belimo Assistant App

You can also diagnose and troubleshoot issues, as well as commission the system through the app. With these features, Belimo products will continue to save time even after the installation is complete. 

At Boston Aircontrols, we are committed to making your job easier and more efficient. This is why we continue to recommend Belimo products for projects large and small. Accessories like their thoughtfully-designed app demonstrate they care about remaining on the cutting-edge of innovation. Shop our wide range of Belimo products today!

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