Finding the Right Valve


Finding the Right Valve

The most difficult part of shopping for a new or replacement valve is finding the correct size and model to fit the application. With a variety of options, choosing the right valve can be quite the process. Let’s walk through some of the initial questions to ask when searching for the right valve

  1. What is the pipe size?

Knowing the pipe size for the installation is important because it will help dictate what size valve you need. It’s common that in tight spaces, only certain valves will work. Save yourself the time and hassle of finding it out the hard way and prepare ahead of time.

2. How many gallons per minute (GPM)?

Valves are installed to help control flow rate and pressure, but this all depends on the capacity of the system. A high flow application may require a specific valve compared to a low to medium steam application.

3. How do I determine what valve size is needed?

One of the reasons we love working with Belimo is the amazing platform of resources they offer! Check out Belimo’s tool size selector to calculate exactly what size you need or use this simple equation to do it yourself:

Pipe size + GPM / 2 = Valve Size

Belimo SelectPro

Ball & Butterfly Valves

As a #1 Belimo Distributor, we not only have the best prices on Belimo components, including a wide array of valves, but our team has extensive knowledge on these parts! Now that we know how to calculate the size of the part, let’s explore two types of valves that are most commonly used in HVAC applications  — Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves.

Both ball valves and butterfly valves are for on/off applications and are designed to control water flow for heating and cooling. These are used in every residential and commercial house or building to ensure there is reliable and safe water flowing in and out.

Ball Valves

Available for both 2 way and 3 way configuration, ball valves can be used for installation with non-spring return, spring return, or electronic fail-safe actuators offering high close-off capabilities. Ball valves are used best for low and medium pressure steam applications to 35 psi inlet pressure and applications that operate with a median temperature to 380º F.

If the size valve you need is between half an inch to two inches, a ball valve is a great choice.

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Butterfly Valves

Working on a commercial or institutional HVAC application? Butterfly valves are also available for 2 and 3 way configuration but for larger installations. If the application calls for a two and a half inch valve or higher, the butterfly valve would be best. Unlike ball valves, butterfly valves handle larger scale installations, but still provide optimal on/off water flow control.

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Technical Assistance at BAC

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Still not sure which valve is right for your application? No problem. Contact our team today or give us a call for expert technical assistance!

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