Do You Need Electronic Pressure Independent Valves?



Are you looking for a great way to manage your HVAC system’s water flow while saving on energy costs? Electronic Pressure Independent Valves (ePIV) might be just what you need!

Belimo’s ePIV are advanced, two-way valves that are not affected by pressure variations. They use cutting-edge algorithms to precisely control water flow without overpumping, and they pack several features into one solution, including:

  • Characterized ball valve
  • Flow meter with glycol compensation 
  • High-performance actuator 
  • Flow control logic

An ePIV uses dynamic balancing to keep your system performing correctly even with varying loads. When installed, flow measurement and controls stay accurate to 1% of a system’s nominal flow. The ePIV’s flow meter also collects measurement data which can be read on analog and digital platforms, so you can understand exactly how your system is functioning. 

Due to its smart technology, an ePIV will help increase your energy savings, as well as reduce wear and tear on the valve assembly. Overall, an ePIV will offer you: 

  • Dynamic balancing
  • True flow
  • Live data
  • Coil history
  • CCV technology 
  • 0% leakage
  • Field configuration
  • And more! 

Dedicated and knowledgeable distributor 

Boston Aircontrols is a Belimo Platinum distributor, and we are proud to provide our customers with industry-leading technology like these ePIVs. We not only supply top-notch HVAC control devices, we distinguish ourselves through unbeatable customer service and deep technical knowledge about all of our products. 

We strive to be your best option to supply all of your HVAC needs, and we can’t wait to help you build the perfect system for your needs. 

Click here to learn more about whether ePIVs are right for your system. 

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