Belimo Retrofit Solutions


Belimo Retrofit Solutions

HVAC systems put in place even ten years ago have evolved a great deal. Technology is constantly improving. Retrofitting systems is about creating solutions to update older systems with newer technology. It’s often necessary and critical to take advantage of the latest technological advances and newest parts.

Damaged or non-functioning actuators, valves and sensors wreak havoc on your HVAC system’s performance and overall costs. Don’t avoid system updates, we know they can be complex, but Boston Aircontrols is here to help! We work closely with Belimo to offer standard and customized retrofit solutions that can increase the performance, comfort, efficiency and reliability of your HVAC systems. It’s worth giving us a call – you can reach our team of experts toll free at 888-423-2525.

Belimo’s Standard Retrofit Solutions

  • Butterfly Valve / Actuators
  • Control Valve / Actuators
  • Damper Actuators
  • Economizer
  • Fire & Smoke Actuators
  • Globe Valve / Actuators

Belimo’s Custom Retrofit Solutions

When a standard off-the-shelf retrofit solution is not quite right for a project’s needs, Boston Aircontrols works with Belimo’s Custom Retrofit workshop to come up with a solution. They have a dedicated machine shop that works to ensure you get the part you need and the efficiencies you’ve been looking for. Want to talk custom retrofit solutions – call us at 888-423-2525.

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