Belimo Is In The Sensor Business


Belimo Duct Sensor

For years Belimo has been one of the industry standards for HVAC controls, valves, and more. Recently, the team at Belimo has added a sensor line to its product lineup. HVAC experts no longer need to retrofit other manufacturer devices to work with your controls. You can now have your Belimo components, sensors, and valves working in unison.

One added benefit of the Belimo sensors is their integration to major building automation systems (BAS). These systems make the overall connection of your system much more fluid, with each component being connected to the larger system. Belimo designed these sensors with this integration in mind.

Belimo’s room sensors and room operating units are also designed to integrate with web apps. The simple UI and easy system set up is a great design feature. Add the new functionality to the inspired, timeless design and these sensor units are the perfect balance between performance and appearance.

While these sensors look great, their performance is the true tes. And Belimo sensors stack up! Belimo sensors are designed for high accuracy and long-term stability. In addition to modern functionality and ease of use, these sensors deliver reliable and accurate readings over the life of the entire building.

Don’t cut corners on your next installation. Belimo sensors are made from the highest-quality materials. They carry a 5-year warranty and conform to NEMA 4X / IP65 requirements. Contact the team at Boston aircontrols today or visit our website and view all our sensors available online. Our team is ready to help you with any retrofitting, cross referencing, or parts compatibility questions you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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