Actuators: Fail-Safe or Non Fail-Safe For Your Installation


HVAC Systems

Are you using actuators in your HVAC installations? If so, are you using fail-safe actuators or a standard actuator? The Boston Aircontrol team highly recommends that you use a fail-safe actuator for best overall results. But there are often two sides to every situation. If you need advice or help about which actuator is appropriate, contact our team to find the right upgrade for your installation.

There are applications where a standard non fail-safe actuator is a more suitable fit. Our Belimo actuators have a compression torque range from 18-1,400 pounds. This makes them incredibly versatile for a broad suite of HVAC needs. Both types of actuators sold by Boston Aircontrols feature brushless DC motor internals. In addition to reliable performance, a benefit of non fail-safe actuators is their ability to mount nearly anywhere and integrate with control units. This provides a flexible signal solution ranging from individual parameter settings to cost-saving, complete system integration.

Non Fail-Safe Actuator Features:

  • Patented brushless DC motor technology ensuring long reliability operation beyond our 5-year warranty.
  • Various control types or Belimo’s Multifunction Technology provide a flexible signal solution ranging from individual parameter settings to cost-saving, complete system integration.
  • Controlled by an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) guaranteeing minimum torque over the entire operating range with no loss in performance due to temperature, supply voltage or speed.
  • Mechanical end stops to adjust the angle of rotation for added installation flexibility.

The main reason for using a fail-safe actuator is the most obvious — failure safety! A fail-safe actuator draws power from an independent source to create a fail-safe position in the event of a power loss. This safety feature will return your actuator positioning to the predetermined safe operating position should your actuator lose power.

Another added benefit of fail-safe actuators is the added peace of mind. If you are working on a single-unit installation, then you might not be overwhelmed by one potential actuator failure. If you are working on a larger project, however, fail-safe actuators can save you enormous time and aggravation. They are second to none. Upgrading your installation with fail-safe actuators can buy you the extra time needed to address any hiccups caused by a power failure.

Failsafe Actuator Features

  • Rotary, linear, and quick running product offerings are available for challenging applications. Patented motor technology with Application Specific Integrated Circuit  (ASIC) reduces energy consumption and ensures longevity. 
  • Multifunction Technology models offer many proportional control functions and DC voltage feedback signals that come programmed from the factory or adjusted in the field.
  • Electronic fail-safe series offer fail position (0-100%) delays unnecessary actuator movements during short brownout conditions avoiding changes in the HVAC and BAS.
  • Electronically protected against overload increases actuator longevity and reduces maintenance cost. 

To make installation even simpler, you can order your fail-safe actuator with a predetermined fail safe position from the team at Boston Aircontrols. When starting your next order, just select the fail-safe position right on the product page. This added step is just one thing our team does to make your daily workload that much simpler!

Fail-safe actuator default positioning

Boston Air Control is a platinum Belimo distribution and we stock and ship both fail-safe and non fail-safe actuators direct from our Boston-based warehouse. We make it easy for you to shop for your actuator directly from our online store. If you have questions regarding the technical specifications needed to upgrade your actuators, contact our team today. We are here to make sure you get the right part for your HVAC install.

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