Door Buster Deals

Low Prices on Belimo Actuators

We always guarantee low prices. But you won’t want to miss our new Door Buster Deals on Belimo’s most popular actuators. These prices are just plain awesome.

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Doorbuster Deals

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  • 134-1504

    Thermostat, Electric Low Temp Detection, Cut-out and Alarm, Manual Reset
    $126.16 Each
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  • 192-202

    Room Temp Thermostat, Pneumatic, DA, Heat/Cool, Fahrenheit, 2-pipe
    $84.03 Each
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  • 192-204

    Room Temp Thermostat, Pneumatic, Dual Setpoint, DA, Day/Night, Fahrenheit
    $148.21 Each
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  • 195-0003

    Surface/Vertical Mount Receiver-Controller, Multiple Input, Pneu Output, DA
    $315.67 Each
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  • 256-02008

    MT Series 2W Valve Asy, ANSI 250, NC, Mod Eq Pct, 1/2″ FxF, 2.5 Cv, 10-15psi SR
    $83.63 Each
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  • 257-02039

    MT Series 2W Valve Assy, ANSI 250, NO, Mod Eq Pct, 1/2″, FxUM, 2.5Cv, 3-8psi SR
    $87.10 Each
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  • 265-1021

    Electric-Pneumatic Valve, 24VAC, w/Junction Box
    $43.68 Each
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  • 331-2961

    Damper Actuator, Pneu No 4, 4″ Stroke, 8-13psi, Integ Pivot Mount, UL Rec F/S
    $79.42 Each
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  • 331-2973

    Damper Actuator, Pneu No 4, 4″ Stroke, 5-10psi, Pivot, Univ Mt Kit, UL Rec F/S
    $133.08 Each
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  • 331-3011

    Damper Actuator, Pneu No 6, 4″ Stroke, 3-13psi, Integ Pivot, Ext Shaft, UL Rec
    $224.21 Each
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  • 540-680FA

    Room Temp Sensor, Sensing w/ Override, Setpoint, Fahrenheit Display, Beige
    $278.23 Each
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  • 544-577-25

    Liquid Immersion Temperature Sensor, 1K Ohm Platinum, (375 Alpha), 2.5-Inch
    $53.81 Each
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