Retrofitting HVAC Solutions


Retrofitting HVAC Solutions

What Is Retrofitting and When Do I Need It?

It’s not a surprise that old HVAC systems come with old HVAC parts. And everyone knows that finding the right replacement parts can be challenging. So when should you seek help?

Retrofitting is the best choice for old HVAC systems when:

  • Replacing a part that is no longer manufactured
  • Old parts are not functioning efficiently / the system needs an upgrade
  • Parts are damaged or non-functioning

At Boston Aircontrols we can help you with both standard or customized retrofitting solutions designed to increase the performance of damaged or non-functional actuators, valves, and sensors. No more worrying about old parts being discontinued. We can offer you newer and custom solutions to eliminate issues such as degradation and poor system performance, resulting in energy waste, occupant discomfort, and increased costs. Newer retrofitted parts have improved efficiencies that will help make an older system run to the very best of its ability.

Stop wasting time searching for an old part. Retrofitting can help you get the job done quickly.

The team at Boston Aircontrols is here to help. Simply fill out the form below and let us know about your needs. With a little bit of information about the part you’re looking to retrofit, we can determine if there is a match or a custom solution. It’s that easy.

Ready to start the retrofitting process?

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