HVAC Sustainability


HVAC sustainability

At Boston Aircontrols, we pride ourselves in carrying HVAC parts from brands that continue to innovate and create safer and more sustainable building environments. In particular, Belimo, Honeywell, Siemens, and Johnson Controls are leaders in the industry and are dedicated to improving system efficiencies and comfort for building occupants.

How do they do this? Let’s take a look at these companies and see what they are doing to make our world a safer, more sustainable place to live and work.


As a platinum distributor, Boston Aircontrols likes to stay up to date on what sustainability practices Belimo has in place. Although HVAC parts are small, they can make such a big impact. HVAC control systems that have Belimo parts integrated are designed to control comfort parameters including temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. CESIM, Belimo’s method to improve building technology, ensures Comfort, Energy efficiency, Safety for people and their property, while also ensuring easy Installation, commissioning and reduced Maintenance efforts.


There are many influencing factors that go into creating a comfortable building environment, not just ideal air quality. With sensors and other HVAC components from Belimo, every room can maintain ideal comfort levels as well as increased productivity. For example, Belimo’s energy valves are specially designed for optimizing thermal energy-flows in buildings. Learn more about Belimo’s efforts to create the most comfortable and efficient building environments.


With Belimo’s line of energy-efficient components, such as lower power consumption actuators, the Belimo energy valve, and ball valve technology, buildings can be more efficient. So what environmental impact does this make? Well, buildings are actually responsible for around 40% of global CO2 emissions. That’s why heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are so important and why creating more efficient components can make a bigger impact than you may think.


Belimo is a global market leader in the fire safety space. With its expertise and continued research, building environments all over the world are safer. With Belimo’s fire safety actuators, safety is increased by preventing hazardous situations and ensuring controlled conditions. In the case of an emergency, Belimo safety actuators are there to ensure building patrons can evacuate safely so first responders can get in to do their jobs. The safer our buildings are, the safer our people and planet.

Want to learn more about Belimo’s ongoing sustainability practices? Click here to read about Belimo HVAC parts and the impact they make.


Siemens continues to innovate in the HVAC space to help businesses increase cost savings. Hidden operational issues in a building can cost a lot in both money and energy. That’s why Siemens HVAC components are built to help eliminate energy wastage and improve inefficient chilled water and air distribution systems.

A poorly maintained chiller can account for around 30% more energy usage annually than an efficient system. Same comfort level, with more costs. Most facilities find that 50% of their annual electricity can be attributed to building chillers alone. That’s why Siemens created Demand Flow.

Demand Flow® from Siemens

Demand Flow is Siemens holistic approach to improve HVAC systems. It was created to help reduce energy usage in buildings and ensure that systems continue to run efficiently. How is this achieved? Through automated technology and built-in analytics, Siemens Demand Flow delivers immediate results and loosens constraints on internal resources. Here are the  biggest results buildings see when Demand Flow is implemented:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Flexible application
  • No hidden costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Extend deliverable equipment life
  • Improve indoor environmental quality
  • Simplify system operation


Honeywell is here to help simplify facility operations. By enabling smarter buildings, Honeywell reduces risk while delivering world class operating and energy efficiency. In a traditional system, every application is stand alone from monetary and control stations for HVAC, lighting, energy metering, and more. While each of these applications serves a purpose and is beneficial, operating each individually with no central point of control can increase costs and cause more inefficiencies.

With Honeywell, you can implement a single point of control for all building applications. By creating one intelligent solution, facilities are able to save money, meet the comfort and safety needs of the occupants, and increase overall operational efficiency. Central control not only creates a comfortable environment, but also a safer one. With one synchronized response from the overall system, buildings are more efficient every day and can provide a better response in an emergency situation. Let’s explore two innovative solutions that Honeywell offers.

Honeywell Building Manager

This enterprise-level, open protocol solution provides one single-point monitoring control station. It can control a building’s HVAC, lighting, energy management, and environmental controls including:

  • Heating
  • Ventilating
  • Zoning
  • Humidification
  • Air conditioning
  • Burner/boiler and combustion controls

ComfortPoint® Open (CPO)

Honeywell’s ComfortPoint is an automated system for buildings that delivers increased energy efficiency, mobile access, and the capability to simplify and streamline operations. Through remote services and energy consumption reporting, saving money is easier than ever.

Discover more ways Honeywell is helping to create safer and greener buildings with innovative solutions.

Johnson Controls

Not every building is the same, and HVAC services and solutions from Johnson Controls are flexible in design to best fit each building’s needs. Here are sustainable, innovative solutions from Johnson Controls that make an impact not just on individual building occupants, but on a global scale.


Johnson Controls is dedicated to helping you find the most efficient and cost saving solution (commercial or industrial). That’s why the company offers such a wide range of chillers. With the intelligence to reduce energy consumption and emissions, buildings are now more comfortable and sustainable than ever. With the widest variety of air-cooled chillers on the market, each building is sure to find it’s perfect match. Not the right chiller for your building? No problem. Johnson Controls also provides water-cooled chillers, condensing units, and absorption chillers that are energy efficient and cut costs.

Packaged and Split DX System

For light to large commercial needs, Johnson Controls’ packaged or split DX systems may be the best option. With a packaged or split DX system, there is a wide range of efficiency choices. Configure options specific to the building and ensure long-term reliability. Some of the systems offered are rooftop units, dedicated outside air systems, indoor packaged equipment, and split systems.

The list could go on and on with all of the amazing sustainable components these brands continue to create. We’ll spare you ALL the details, but by now you can see that we love to work with companies that care about our planet. Shop the online store today at Boston Aircontrols for HVAC parts that make a big impact, but not a big footprint.

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