Commercial HVAC Winter Checklist in 3 Simple Steps


Winter HVAC Maintenance

Winter in New England is tough! That’s why it’s critical to test your HVAC components regularly to ensure system health — before the next big storm hits! We recommend doing a system check regularly, and what better time than the winter months for a commercial HVAC winter checklist. Follow these simple steps to make sure your commercial HVAC system is working efficiently. If your system needs components, visit our shop to find all our Belimo and Siemens HVAC components available for order.

Step one is the most basic: Check your HVAC system functionality. To do this we recommend running your system through a full heat cycle. If you are using a scheduled system or programmed thermostat, set a test cycle that you can monitor and test all your system’s trigger points to ensure your entire space will heat and cool properly. Doing this first will allow you to troubleshoot any HVAC components that need replacing. If you notice any failure points, you will have time to order replacement parts and components.

Step two: Once you’ve ensured your system components are working, then you can get to more maintenance-based tasks. This starts with your air filter! Changing air filters is a must to ensure overall indoor air quality. For more info on how to improve your IAQ, read our past blog here. In addition, we recommend a professional cleaning of all ducts and airways. Some local commercial HVAC cleaners are Duct and Vent or Casella Cleaning. But if you feel like you’re up to the task, and that your life needs some excitement, give it a go yourself.

Step three: After you’ve cleaned and tested your system functions, the final step is to put your furnace through a full range test. You might think a full range test isn’t necessary, but we believe it’s a good idea and safeguard to make sure your HVAC install can handle any impending storm or deep cold snap. Small tasks like checking your furnace water levels or ensuring you have adequate power supply are some often overlooked basics. Don’t skip the commercial HVAC winter checklist basics when prepping your business for winter’s unpredictability. 

Winter HVAC Maintenance
The technician is checking the air system,measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.

We recommend performing regular systems checks, twice a year ideally, for any commercial installations. If you check once a year or less, these regular maintenance reviews will only help maintain the health of your install. Making sure your system is healthy and clean will extend the life of your HVAC system. And if your system fails during these tests, you now have the time to make the appropriate adjustments for any inclement weather. 

And if these components do fail, give the team at Boston Aircontrols a call to get you back up and running. We have a full selection of Belimo and Siemens HVAC components. Visit our store today and be ready for the next time we get hit with lovely New England winter weather!

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