How to: Selecting an Actuator for Damper Retrofit


Fire and Smoke Actuators

Struggling with selecting an actuator? Do you need to replace a damaged or non-functioning actuator or other HVAC component? There are a lot of questions to ask and information to gather to make sure you’re getting the right part when looking to retrofit or replace it. So what’s the easiest way to find the part you need? Belimo recommends following the “10 questions” method. Ask yourself these 10 questions, and you have a much better understanding of the part size and model you need for your installation!

  1. What is the total area of the damper?
  2. Opposed blade or parallel blade control construction?
  3. Are there blade and edge seals on the damper?
  4. For the damper in question, what does the manufacturer specify as the torque rating?
  5. What is the air velocity, static pressure, or design CFM?
  6. Is fail-safe actuation required?
  7. What is the supply voltage to the actuator?
  8. What is the control signal to the actuator?
  9. Can you direct couple to a damper shaft?
  10. Are there additional accessories required?

With all of these questions answered, or most of them, you or your trust Boston Aircontrols expert can help you find the solution much faster. For further information and details on these ten questions, read more from Belimo.

Need assistance with more than just selecting an actuator for retrofitting? Contact our team of experts at Boston Aircontrols today to get your questions answered and find the part you need.

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