Important Questions When Selecting a Belimo Damper


Belimo Damper Tips

There are a zillion HVAC parts and determining the right components for a project can be a bit of an undertaking. The experts at Boston Aircontrols are ready to help but often we have to ask a handful of important questions in order to assist with an appropriate selection. What damper should you buy? Well, a lot depends on the system where it will be installed.

Dampers help regulate airflow and redirect it. A poorly functioning HVAC system can be made more efficient using retrofit damper actuators. Belimo damper actuators are compatible with all major control systems, help minimize costs, and can be installed quickly. You just need to know which is the right model!

Things to consider when sizing an HVAC damper:

  • How big of a damper do you need?
    • What is the require torque?
  • Does the damper move freely?
    • Does it have edge seals?
    • Does it see high static pressure?
  • Is it fail-safe or non fail-safe?
    • Does it need to have a spring return or fail in place?
  • What is the supply voltage?
    • Is it 24V or higher?
  • What control signal is required?
    • What is the damper application?
  • How will the damper attach?
    • Direct mount or with a linkage?

Ready to Talk Dampers?

Our team is here to help! Once you have answers to these important questions we can help guide you to the right Belimo Damper Actuator. Call our experts at 888-423-2525.

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