Air System Improvement and Upkeep: Make Sure Your Heating and Cooling System Is Functioning at 100%


Cooling Unit Being Cleaned

It’s that time of the year again. You see your breath in the morning. The truck takes a few more minutes to warm up. And the heating units in buildings all across the Northeast are firing up for the first time in months. That’s right folks, winter is coming, and we want you to be prepared! Maintaining air systems and HVAC units can be made simpler if you regularly check your system for some key components in air system improvement and system uptime.

If you haven’t checked your systems for the use of glycol, there is no better time than now. Any systems using glycol should also have their thermal energy meters checked for compatibility. We recommend using a Belimo ultrasonic transit-time technology flow sensor. You can achieve accurate energy measurement with automatic glycol compensation to ensure correct consumer billing and optimal system performance. An inline flow sensor also offers continuous glycol concentration monitoring to ensure freeze protection. If you are ready to prep your systems for winter and want to make sure they are as efficient and accurate as possible, call the team here at Boston Aircontrols for help. Or if you already know the part you need, order it today. You can find all our thermal flow sensors in our online store!

It’s also important to maintain your actuators. These often overlooked components control the airflow your system generates. If the dampers inside the actuators aren’t working properly, your system is wasting energy. The Belimo L24 actuators are a great component for your air system because it lets the airflow do the work naturally without mechanical impedance.

Recently, data has shown that diseases and pollutants spread easiest through the air. This means cleaning the air has become incredibly important. The best way to do this is through ventilation and filtration. Current advice states that air replacement should be doubled and, in some cases, tripled! The gold standard is now 9 air exchanges per hour, which is well below the current code for buildings. Given the new data, it may be time for some overall air system improvement.

Another important tool to increase airborne cleanliness is a quality HEPA filtration unit. These filters are designed to help ensure air quality in closed spaces. If your air control system is not using adequate filters, you may be losing out on much needed air filtration. Be sure to check that your system is actually working as it should and not just pushing dirty air around.

If you are ready to tackle airborne transmission or just want to make sure your system is operating at full capacity, call the team at Boston Aircontrols today to discuss your HVAC and air control needs. Our online store has the best products from Belimo for your air filtration and control systems.

Contact us today for all your HVAC and air control needs. Our staff is here to help make sure your system is running at 100%. Call 888-423-2525 or fill out our online contact form and we will follow up as soon as we can. Cleaning and maintaining your systems is just a part of the solution. Contact us today to get your air cleaner than ever!

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