Three Ways to Use a VAV-Compact For Ventilation


Room ventilation chart

What is a VAV-Compact Device

In an HVAC system, Variable Air Volume boxes are key components for maintaining a comfortable environment in a building. In 1990, Belimo launched a popular compact version (VAV-Compact) that integrated a pressure sensor, controller and actuator. In fact, these devices are installed in 90% of Europe’s VAV units.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased a desire to improve ventilation systems across the world, and the VAV-Compact devices can be configured in three ways to help support this. 

Set Vmin to Outdoor Air Volume Requirement 

Every room needs a specific amount of outdoor air circulating for air quality standards to be acceptable. This is determined by a formula which factors in the air each person needs, the number of people in a space and the size of the space along with the required air per square foot. 

Once this amount is determined, an HVAC operator can program a VAV-Compact like the LMV-D3-MP, to set a minimum volumetric flow. After it is programmed, the device will control the damper to maintain this preset Vmin. 

Increase Energy Efficiency with an Occupancy Sensor 
While improving ventilation is essential, many operators don’t want their systems running at full speed when the building is not occupied. VAV-Compact devices can help solve this dilemma when they are paired with an occupancy or motion sensor. When the sensor detects the room is occupied, it will maintain the optimal volumetric flow that is set, but once it senses the room is empty, it will revert to a separately programmed minimum flow value. 

Combine VAV-Compact with a Room Sensor 

If the building is using Room Sensors like the 2RTM-59-1, an HVAC operator can also connect it to a VAV-Compact device to control the air quality. To do this, the operator uses the Belimo Assistant App to set an acceptable CO2 range. Then, the VAC-Compact can modulate the air in accordance with the CO2 levels. 

With its cutting-edge smart technology, Belimo devices offer HVAC operators a great degree of flexibility in setting up a system that fits the specific needs of every client. At Boston Aircontrols, we are excited to help our customers find unique and out-of-the-box applications for the products we sell, and Belimo’s innovations continue to expand those possibilities. 

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