How to Use Smart Energy Valves to Manage Data Bandwidth


Belimo’s smart Energy Valves are now designed to leverage cloud-computing and the Internet of Things to help optimize the flow of information that travels through an HVAC system.  

IoT Enhances HVAC System Operations 

This IoT ability allows the valve to monitor a variety of information, such as coil performance, glycol concentration, Delta T and more. This data can be viewed live, and it is also stored for up to 13 months so operators can continually optimize system performance. 

The Energy Valves can connect to both BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP communication protocols. BACnet MS/TP is an open-standard protocol used by many institutions like universities, and BACnet IP is an industry standard protocol for devices to communicate with each other over an IP-based network 

How COV Schemes Free Up Network Bandwidth 

The BACnet protocol enables a Building Automation System to continuously poll the devices in the network for their information, operational status and values. While having access to the data a network-enabled system provides is critical, the amount of information collected can be detrimental to the network’s bandwidth. 

To help mitigate the potentially overwhelming network traffic, Belimo’s Energy Valves support Change of Value schemes. These Change of Value (COV) schemes take advantage of the fact that the data reported by devices on the network does not change that often. Therefore, a system operator can configure a device to issue a notification only when a value has changed by a predefined amount. Belimo Energy Valves can support 6 active COV subscriptions, and a full list of valves available can be found here

Belimo’s forward-thinking deployment of cloud-computing and IoT applications is one of the many reasons Boston Aircontrols believes so strongly in their products. As a Platinum distributor, we are always excited to learn about Belimo’s newest innovations and share them with our customers. If you are looking for cutting-edge technology for your next HVAC project, we’d love to show you what we have to offer. 

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