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Mounting and linkage kit for flat installation

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Weight 1.3 lbs


Material short text
Mounting kit for damper linkage G
Introductory text
Mounting and linkage kit for flat installation
Accessories title
Mounting and linkage kit
Accessories text
Mounting and linkage kit for flat installation
Accessories, miscellaneous
2 fastening elements|2 ball joints KG10A|1 damper crank arm|8 screws
Accessories use
for flat installation
NA Product type
ZM - Accessory mechanical
Structure Level1
Structure Level2
Suitable for GK..A, GM..A, SMQ..A
Accessory type
Mechanical accessory
Mounting instruction
https://www.belimo.com/pim/mam/europe/technical-documentation/Installation instruction/70628-00001_ZG-GMA.pdf|https://www.belimo.com/pim/mam/europe/technical-documentation/Installation instruction/70628-00001_ZG-GMA.zip

Installation instructions Download: Installation instructions

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